Quixote's True Blue celebrates 15th anniversary this weekend

Jay Bianchi and his two brothers opened the original Quixote's True Blue fifteen years ago at 9150 East Colfax in Aurora as a place where Deadheads and kindred spirits could gather after the passing of Jerry Garcia. He says figured the venue might last five years and worried that his regulars would get older, retire, have kids and not be able to go out as much. But what actually happened was that the audience kept getting younger. Fifteen years later, Quixote's has moved twice (it's currently at 2151 Lawrence Street) and is still going strong catering to the Dead-centric crowds, and this weekend, the venue is having a three-day long anniversary celebration with Shakedown Street headlining November, 25 through Sunday, November 27.

Over the last fifteen years, Bianchi says the most important lesson he's learned is patience. "Things kind of just happen sometimes that work for you or work against you," he says. "You can't really predict anything that will happen in the future. You can try and manipulate it or make it as good as you can for yourself."

Bianchi says he could see himself doing another fifteen years with Quixote's, but he doesn't think he could continue to be there in the same capacity all the time. "I need to figure out how to delegate and make everything work without me being totally hands on," he says. "I guess it's like sending your kids off to college and letting them go after they've been living with you for a while."

Ideally, Bianchi hopes he can do something that outlasts him, and he says he definitely thinks he's made a mark on the city.

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