Raver Girls and you: A pictorial guide to how to escape these dangerous predators

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Like the betta splendens, rave ladies, when confronted with one of their own, will often territorially face off with one another, warily circling, sizing each other up before a fight to the death. If you come upon this scenario en media res, back away slowly -- do not make them aware of your presence, or the only thing they'll be fighting over is your mauled remains. Another example of the seductresses plotting, this time at a more advanced stage of combat -- but this time, you've been sighted. Faced with almost certain death, your only option at this point is to run away, hoping the fearsome maw of her opponent will slow her down. This hideous two-headed rave lady sports an insect-like appendage on her back, which she uses to camouflage herself from her own predator species, the formidable brotus date-rapis. Luckily for those below her on the food chain, she also has the symbol tattooed on her back, giving you some advance notice before she sees you.

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Jef Otte
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