Reader: Furthur show total disappointment, lacked energy and song selection was weak

Over the weekend, we sent Boyd Fletcher up to Red Rocks to check out the first two nights of Furthur, and although he thought the band's musicianship was as solid as ever -- if not even better, in Lesh's case -- he felt like the sets lacked a certain vitality and that the energy levels have dipped notably over the years. While some posters like Thepeterbach vehemently disagree with Boyd ("I much prefer the muscular, methodical pace you describe as "slow" to the Coked up speed deamon pace of the 80' dead. Much prefer today's take on this music by Phil n bob."), others such as Alankbraden, who posted our comment of day, completely co-signed Boyd's take.

"The pace of the entire show was like they were all on downers...qualudes...or something.. I was thoroughly disappointed in the pace of most of the songs, the lack of energy and the song selection was weak (at best.) I have seen over 150 Dead Shows and the only way I can get excited with Furthur is if they Blow out the set list which they did not.. by a long shot.

I used to go get a beverage whenever Phil would sing...but to let him do his awful vocals on so many songs was hard on the ears, slow paced and dull as I mentioned. This was far from a great night...the "magic" is missing as well as the energy of seeing the Dead. In a way I feel sorry for Phil and Bobby...trying to cling on to the past ..but at this is just that...the past.

I drove from Fort Collins returning at @ 2:30 AM (due to the mess in the lots) which made the night more miserable for me. TOTAL Disappointment Sorry guys ....but I'll spend my money to see PANIC or TOOL any day before I spend $70.00 on a GA ticket for Further again. I'm miss the Magic! Cancun Alan"

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Dave Herrera
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