Reader: "Take it to the bar -- it's really that simple. Easier on everyone that way."

So yesterday's

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post about

talking at shows

sparked a pretty intriguing conversation. While the general consensus among everybody seemed to be the same, a unanimous chorus of STFU!, Jmpmk2's comment expressed a similar sentiment, while at the same time managing to be even handed and eloquent. For your effort, Jmpmk2, you win a completely random tchotchke from my random box of randomness.

Drop me a line

to claim your prize. Read the award-winning comment below:

"It's hard for me to take such a hard stance, because music is -- and should -- be social, but I cannot fathom why anyone would be so selfish to insist their petty conversation over that of the musical performance an entire room is there to see. It just seems silly to pay money to carry out a conversation in an environment that's nearly impossible to carry on a conversation."

Like others have said, it hardly matters at large venues where the sound is so loud and engulfing that no one else is hearing you anyway, but at your Larimer Lounges, Hi-Dives, and Bluebirds? Take it to the bar -- it's really that simple. Easier on everyone that way.

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