Record Store Day preview: Flight of the Conchords take on a racist dragon

As pointed out in yesterday's Record Store Day preview, which focused on Vetiver, Sub Pop Records has kept the art of the jukebox 45 alive for two decades-plus -- generally with assistance from actual bands. As for Flight of the Conchords, the duo is sort-of actual, sort-of not. But the music these HBO faves make together is highly enjoyable anyhow, as they'll prove with a Record Store Day seven-inch stamped with songs from their first season: "Pencils In the Wind" backed with "Albi the Racist Dragon," a creature who lives "in the Marmalade Forest/Between the make-believe trees." Doesn't get much more real than that.

Note: Record Store Day is an annual event honoring independent record stores -- a onetime retail staple that's becoming an endangered species. In an effort to preserve this important cultural resource, dozens of artists are lending their support to this year's bash on Saturday, April 18, by issuing exclusive material, including loads of unique seven-inch singles, that can only be found at retailers such as Twist & Shout, 2508 E. Colfax -- ground zero for the celebration in Denver. Each weekday between now and then, we'll feature a different 45 that's sure to make your collection cooler. Learn more at the Record Store Day website or the Twist & Shout home page.

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