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Reader: We Need More Deadheads in the World

Bob Weir at Red Rocks on June 8, with friends.
Bob Weir at Red Rocks on June 8, with friends. Jacqueline Collins
Grateful Dead co-founder Bob Weir and his current band, Wolf Bros, brought a Deadhead revival to Red Rocks on June 8 for the first of four shows. The place was filled with everyone from newcomers to old-timers, people from two to ninety-two, all ready to welcome the Dead — or whatever passes for it these days.

But some critics decided to skip the show...or, in their comments on our Westword Facebook posts, complain about both the Deadheads shown in our photos and Kyle Harris's review of the first show. Says David:
I saw JGB and the GD about 250 times, in the ’70s and ’80s. How many times have I bothered to go see Bob or Phil or whoever their friends are this week? Zero. Without Jerry, what’s the point?
Agrees Julie: 
There is no Dead without Jerry.
Adds Gregory:
So, a bunch of millennials, stepping on Boomer counter-culture...the same millennials confusing GenXers with the same 'cuz, we're rockin' the grey. Thought Deadheads were dead or in bed right now. Are there even Rainbow Gatherings anymore?? Thought all that had gone away, age.
Responds Alison: 
The Dead is for all ages. I love to see the young embracing the amazing music and culture. We need more Deadheads in the world.
Offers Eddy:
Older fan, and I love anyone who gets immersed in the culture of it all. Couldn’t go to Red Rocks as I’m out of town, and it was a beautiful thing just seeing the set list.
Recalls Patti:
I saw the Dead for the first time 7/31/71 in New Haven at the Yale Bowl. I'm a real Deadhead. Fifty years ago is a time you never forget.
Notes Cy:
Thanks! I really missed the after-event slideshows. So nice to have this back.
Concludes John: 
 I’ll comment on this abysmal attempt to represent journalistic writing. It’s as if writers don’t even try anymore. It’s just “look at this vid/slideshow.” Fugging pathetic.
click to enlarge Waiting for the show on June 8. - JACQUELINE COLLINS
Waiting for the show on June 8.
Jacqueline Collins
In case you missed that slideshow of Bob Weir's first night back at Red Rocks, you can see it here. Read Kyle Harris's review of the show here.

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