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Reader: What Female Voices Are You Wanting to Hear at Red Rocks?

Atmosphere headlines Icelantic's Winter on the Rocks on February 1, 2019.
Atmosphere headlines Icelantic's Winter on the Rocks on February 1, 2019. Dan Monick
News of Red Rocks Amphitheatre concerts slated for 2019 has been coming out early. As of November 27, the Red Rocks calendar already listed more than thirty concerts for next season. Most of them are fronted by white men, we noted, although a very diverse array of white men.

However, none of the acts announced so far are fronted by women, we pointed out in a post that received lots of comments from people of all genders.

Says Neal:
 I'd see Sylvan Esso there again, despite seeing them there last year. Garbage/Blondie would have been even cooler there than they were at Fiddler's. Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Another Lilith Fair-type festival would be amazing at Red Rocks! They could feature tune-yards and Ani DiFranco. Liz Phair. Alabama Shakes. Rodrigo y Gabriela. There are so many possibilities.
Adds John: 
Different story if Red Rocks were actively denying these concerts. I know a lot of great female-fronted groups... But big enough to do Red Rocks??? Hard to say.
Notes Tim: 
Cranberries singer died, Amy Winehouse died Heart not seemingly playing. Sinead bat-shit crazy. So what good/great female voices are you wanting to hear?
Adds Amy:
God bless the author of this article and post.
But Amy was in the minority. Says Jesse: 
This is the dumbest thing you jackwagons have posted to date. Keep up the good work.
Adds Krista:
 Trawling for gender controversy where there isn't any 1) clouds the water and demeans actual gender equality issues, and 2) exhausts people, leading to them dismissing the subject as ridiculous. You aren't helping. Journalism is a responsibility, as is your audience and platform, treat them with respect.
Comments Kristen: 
This is one of thee most ridiculous articles that you guys have published, and that’s saying something because you push some STUPID shit. It’s November, the Summer 2019 lineup is NOWHERE EVEN CLOSE to being fully released. I’m a woman, feminist and supporter of women-lead operatives... but Jesus Christ, if some “dude bands” are putting out good music & they can sell tickets, more power to them.

You all need to hire better journalists (or actual journalists). Stop “reporting” bullshit content. So embarrassing for Westword.
And finally, Jeremy says:
Westword, you’re drunk. Go home and sleep it off.
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Mitche Schneider Organization
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Danny Clinch
"John Prine Is Playing a Red Rocks Concert With the Colorado Symphony"

While there may be a shortage of woman-fronted bands at Red Rocks, the male performers are plenty diverse. On November 30, legendary singer-songwriter John Prine announced that he's coming back to town — and this time, he'll be playing with the Colorado Symphony at Red Rocks.

The concert is July 28, with the rising trio I'm With Her. Tickets go on sale Friday, December 14.

What do you think of the Red Rocks lineup announced so far? Our post about the lack of female performers? Share your thoughts in a comment or email [email protected]
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