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Reader: They Need to Beef Up Security at Red Rocks

Reader: They Need to Beef Up Security at Red Rocks
Brandon Marshall

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Brandon Marshall
"Every Red Rocks Amphitheatre Concert in June 2019"

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Bohemian Rhapsody
"Sexual Assault at Film on the Rocks Reported to Jeffco Sheriff's Department"

This is just the latest report of physical assault at Red Rocks. Last year, one man was sucker-punched at a Joe Russo's Almost Dead concert, and another was assaulted after Winter on the Rocks in 2018.

"The safety of our fans is the most important thing any venue works for," says Brian Kitts, spokesman for Denver Arts & Venues, the city agency that manages Red Rocks. "To hear that someone was hurt is disappointing. We join with the Jeffco sheriff’s office in asking for help identifying witnesses and ask fans to be vigilant in watching out for each other’s safety."

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