Regret Night ... perhaps not if you hire this band to play your prom

You know those scenes in all those classic '80s movies like Pretty In Pink or Better Off Dead, where some nameless outfit performs at a school dance while the young protagonists work out whatever assorted teen angst they happen to be grappling with at the time? As we remember it, our prom was exactly like that, only substitute the high school gymnasium for a shoddy ballroom at a Holiday Inn in the 'burbs and the nameless band for a faceless DJ playing the worst parade of crappy songs imaginable. Just utter pablum. Well, fortunately for newer generations, the options these days are far less vomit-inducing. In what might just be the smartest marketing ploy we've heard of yet, a group of bright young upstarts called Regret Night are making their services available for entertainment at this year's prom. And just like Josie Cotton in Valley Girl during the Reagan era, Regret Night is the sound of now, the most perfect not-ready-for-primetime soundtrack imaginable.

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