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Remembering Never

In the liner notes for its 2003 disc Women and Children Die First, guitarist Peter Kowalsky, the most visible spokesman for this Florida-based group, writes, "Hardcore is dying rapidly...." Many bands are passed off as hardcore bands and new kids to the scene think that this is an accurate representation of what hardcore is about, when no one has anything to say anymore. Nothing." In contrast, the men of Remembering Never have plenty of opinions, and they're not shy about sharing them. Women and Children's cover features a bound figure with an American flag over its head, and the mondo-aggressive songs beneath it deal with topics ranging from sonic conformity ("Plotting a Revolution in A Minor") to animal rights ("The Grenade in Mouth Tragedy"). The latter issue informs the outfit's current tour, a fund- and consciousness-raiser in conjunction with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals that co-stars Most Precious Blood, It Dies Today and Dead to Fall. In a sense, the show is a throwback to the original straight-edge days, when veganism and brutal guitar chording often went hand in hand. A lot of younger acts are clueless when it comes to this era of activism, but Remembering Never doesn't forget.
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