Rod Blackhurst puts up a Fair Fight when he has to

All right, hands up: Who has eighty minutes to kill this afternoon? Aw, c'mon, sure you do. Take a longer lunch and then chow down at your desk. It will be worth it. Promise. Remember that Fray documentary we told you about at the beginning of the year, Fair Fight, the one that was supposed to be included in special deluxe editions of The Fray? Well, it was included in the deluxe edition, but retailers were reticent to carry the title because of the cost, and while it was available online for a short time director Rod Blackhurst expresses having difficulty tracking one down. "I can't find a way to purchase one for myself even," he reports. There is a version available at Target reportedly, but even then, it's only a thirty-minute edit. "I just want people to see the film," says Blackhurst, who has graciously made the film available for viewing in its entirety online. An insightful look behind the scenes of the Fray trying to follow-up its multi-platinum debut, Fair Fight is definitely worth watching if you've got the time.

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Dave Herrera
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