Roger Daltrey, Howard Jones, Boris, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Dax Riggs and more this weekend

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Dax Riggs at the Larimer Lounge

It took almost three years for Dax Riggs to release a proper followup to 2007's We Sing of Only Blood or Love. Last year's Say Goodnight to the World is an entirely louder and more menacing affair than Love -- if that's possible -- echoing Roy Orbison, the Stooges, Julian Cope and Deep Purple at various turns. In between records, Riggs planted himself firmly in Austin and began touring almost incessantly with bands like Queens of the Stone Age. His previous shows in Denver have earned him more and more fans, and his past work with projects such as Acid Bath and Deadboy & the Elephantmen has attracted diverse crowds and nurtured newfound devotees, as evidenced by this two-night stand at the Larimer, which culminates tonight.

Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular at The Fillmore

Pink Floyd laser light shows have long been the butt of many a joke, but if you haven't experienced it at least once, you can't really call yourself a fan. This Friday, one of the biggest of its kind is at the Fillmore, ready and waiting for your altered mind. Doors are at 7:30 p.m., tickets are $35 and the show is all ages.

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