Rumors of Born in the Flood's demise are... well, just that. Sorry, misanthropes.

Y'all remember that old school jam by Timex Social Club? How do rumors get started...? It's got to be more than, what, two decades since the group recorded that song, and that ponderous sentiment remains. How do these rumors get started? A few weeks ago, there was scuttlebutt that Tickle Me Pink was closing up shop, which turned out to be completely unfounded. This week, there's another one circulating that Born in the Flood has unceremoniously hit the rocks. Not so much on that one, either. According to the act's frontman and chief songwriter, Nathaniel Rateliff, the band is taking an indefinite hiatus while he focuses his efforts on the Wheel. Flood will continue to be an ongoing concern, he says, and there's no plans for a split. So there you have it. Rumor debunked. Straight from the horse's mouth. We now return you to your regular scheduled programming.


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