Rumors of Tickle Me Pink's breakup completely unfounded

So we heard a rumor as we were closing up shop last week from a very reliable source that Tickle Me Pink had reached the end of the line. Well, TMP fans can rest easy. We're happy to report that the rumor is indeed just that. Just got off the blower with guitarist Joey Barba and drummer Stefan Runstrom, whom assures us that not only is the band not parting ways but that the guys have in fact been hunkered down and writing like crazy recently. "I don't know what spawned this," Runstrom says of the hearsay, which had made its way back to the guys before we even got in touch with them. ""Perhaps the lack of dates on our MySpace?" In related news, we finally got a chance to check out the video for "Madeline" that the outfit filmed in Portland, Oregon, this past February. Have a look after the jump.

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