Scenes from the road, starring: Aloft in the Sundry

Ever wonder what life's like on the road for your favorite Denver band? Well, if we're to believe the new video posted by Aloft In the Sundry, it's probably a lot like you imagine: Lots and lots and lots of tedious driving, with flashes of a bunch of smelly dudes hanging out and vibing with each other, broken up by intermittent gigs at various venues in various states of chemically induced alternated consciousness. Okay, there's no visual evidence here to support that last part -- the guys actually look as sober as preachers in the clip -- but c'mon, it's hard to imagine that any amount of touring involves the practice of teetotaling. Anyhow, take a several minute ride in the passenger seat of Aloft in the Sundry's short bus and then catch the band for free tonight at 10 p.m. at Andrew's On Lincoln.

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