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Second Black Francis show added. Win tickets!

Update: Ticket giveaway is over. Thanks to everyone who submitted answers! Congratulations go out to Crawford Philleo. You're the lucky winner of the last pair of tickets to tonight's show. Two guest list spots will be in your name this evening at the Walnut Room. (The correct answer to the final question, BTW, was Joey Santiago and Pixies in Panoply.)

ORIGINAL POST: Unsurprisingly, last night's Black Francis show at the Walnut Room sold out. The show was pretty badass. Normally news like this might be cause for you to commence to kicking yourself for missing it (or if you were there, give you bragging rights at least until November when the Pixies return). As luck would have it, though, another show was added late last night, and last we heard at closing time, there were still some tickets available for the show tonight. Make your way over to the Walnut Room's website and try your luck, or you can win a pair here. We'll be giving away three pairs of tickets over the course of the day, starting now. If you know the song that the Pixies played twice at their show at Magness arena back in 2004, hit us up. From those who have the right answer, we'll pick a winner at random. Good luck. Next pair will be up for grabs around noon.

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