See Warlock Pinchers Live 2010 - Will There Be Blood? on the big screen on Saturday, October 8

Did you miss the Warlock Pinchers run of reunion shows back in 2010? Aw, there, there. It'll be okay. While we can't exactly spirit you away in the wayback machine to make this wrong right, here's the next best thing: The Pinchers have reserved the Denver Film Center on Colfax on Saturday, October 8 at 8:30 p.m. for a special screening of Warlock Pinchers 2010 Live - Will There Be Blood? so you can relive the awesome if you were there or get a glimpse of what you missed if you weren't.

"We recorded twenty tracks of digital audio at each show," Andrew Novick told us last year around the time when the DVD released, "and multiple cameras were shooting HD video both nights." In true Pincher fashion, the guys are making it an event. King Scratchie and company will not only be on hand with the fine folks from Eyeosaur, but they're bringing memorabilia, silkscreened posters from the reunion shows, hoodies, some new baby clothes and the Ultimate USB.

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