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Seven mostly ill-advised pre-show rituals by Denver bands

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Artist: Jon Wirtz

Pre-Concert Ritual: Before every show, I sacrifice a live chicken. After the show, I usually go for an eleven- to seventeen-mile jog, in search of a chicken for the next gig.

Wirtz's dedication to the ritual clearly matches his dedication to his craft and technical ability.

Artist: Safe Boating Is No Accident

Pre-Concert Ritual: We usually down shots of baby blood before our set so that Baphomet will smile down upon us.

We have no doubt that he does.

Artist: Itchy-O

Pre-Concert Ritual: That rumor about eating live Chihuahuas before we go on is unsubstantiated.

Baphomet also smiles upon Itchy-O.

Other bands we talked to mentioned their drug of choice, mostly alcohol or weed. Regardless, rituals are important. They provide the mindset required for performance. Being an artist is about much more than the music; it's about philosophy, image, fashion, activism and more. Bands like Dubskin, which diligently integrates their rituals into their demeanor, are fully aware of this concept.

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