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Shot to the Heart

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For each of the Slingshots, rock is a creative outlet to be taken seriously but one that also happens to be fun. This is a busy foursome -- J.D. owns a tattoo shop in Littleton, Puente is a full-time student/ mother, Davis a soldier in the temp army and Barclay a graphic designer -- but the band is squarely on each member's front burner.

"I've got a great respect for the whole band," J.D. says. "By far, it's been the best band I've ever worked with as far as getting along, everybody being responsible, taking care of their own thing and not having drug problems and alcohol problems. That's a big thing."

Not that the Slingshots don't get their kicks.

"It's tons of fun," says Barclay. "We have our arguments, but we don't have very many. You look back at me, and I'm smiling the whole time."

"He makes these drummer faces," jokes Puente.

"I want to go deaf by the time I'm forty," says J.D. "That's my goal."

"Why does everyone start playing an instrument?" asks a rhetorical Davis. "We're in it for the groupies."

In Puente's final evaluation, the Double-Barrelled Slingshots' true linchpin is emotional honesty. "I think it's important to just stand up and be yourself," she says. "I've got nothing to hide. My heart's on my sleeve."

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