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Sid Pink brings The Yellow Machine "rockeretta" to life Friday at the Gothic Theatre

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"The devastation therein pushed me into a State of Undoneness," he goes on. "Fast-forward through my battle with toxins last summer whilst ghostwalking through the production of some poor schmuck who'd cast me in his first feature film, The Honey Cooler, that culminated in my landing in hospital, finally coming to *this* mind-blowing enlightenment: 'Hey... if someone don't care 'boutcha when you *aliiiive* -- could it be they don't give too much of a shit when you *die*... Brilliant, no?"

Following that realization, he began assembling a crack team of musicians -- affectionately christened American Fuck-Tape ("Really fun to say," he points out. "Really hard to market") -- via an epic text message chain.

"I can't conjure a reason to remain alive.," the text reads. "Not one fuckin' thing. So we're making a record. Right through the Guts of this sumbitchen thankless-assturd of a Life. If we survive the recording process, we will have failed. This is it. This is now. This isn't even music. It's the typhoon at Tripoli and grab them by the lapels, hollering above the whip and crush, 'Are you With Us or Against Us?!?!' and many cowards will be thrown overboard. And as the splintering widens and the sea devours and each man afoot is a bent and battered hero - they say to us: 'We're with You. We're With You!! What shall we do?!?' And with jittering glee and a small circle of the Brave leaning in to hear the soft cackle: 'We go down with the ship, of course. Brother.'"

Sounds like trademark Sid, and it did its job. Sid explains that each and every person that received this text had the same reply: "I'm in." His American Fuck-Tape brethren include Doctor Kyle "The" Jones (of Love Royale and Sleeping Brotherhood Studios), "Little Big Mike" Marchant (Widowers, et al) and Ace "Big Big Mike" NoMarr and Dox Carrside (both of '80s cover band Mullet Over) -- naturally, for a project this theatrical, everyone's adopted a nom de stage. Sid himself will go by the name Anton L'Amiral, which is double-secret pseudonymous, given that (spoiler alert) Sid Pink is not, in fact, his given name.

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