Sneak peek of Brittle Bones, The Still City's swan song, due for free download later this week

Always nice to go out on a high note, isn't it? Safe to say after lending an ear to Brittle Bones, the outfit's swan song, The Still City (playing its final show this Saturday, August 13 at the hi-dive with Serious Moonlight and All Capitals), can legitimately stake claim to such a distinction. As the guys -- Brian Knab, Brandon Roth, Jeff Wiencrot, Ryan Murphy -- part ways, with Knab heading to Austin to pursue a Ph.D., the band can rest easy knowing that it's leaving us with some fine music to remember it by, including this latest EP, which will be available for free download on Bandcamp on Saturday. Listen to a couple tracks below, "Hallelujah (It's All for Nothing)" and "To Be Left Alone."

The Still City Brittle Bones EP

1. The Old Midwest 2. Brittle Bones 3. Punk Rock Kids 4. To Be Left Alone 5. Hallelujah (It's All For Nothing)

Brittle Bones EP was written, recorded and produced by The Still City and mixed by Ryan Murphy.

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