Snowball gives us a whimsical mountain scene and a crap load of content

Sometimes all a flier needs to do to win our hearts is be as adorable as possible. This comes together amazingly for the Snowball Festival up in Vail this weekend, which is filled to the brim with an array of acts, local and national.

While we seriously doubt this was actually made by cutting up construction paper, the presentation here reminds us of sitting around the big circular carpet in kindergarten and cutting up shapes and pretending to make pictures. It's simple, fun and, most importantly, cohesive. One of the tricks with this type of poster is the artist has to maintain the style through both the typography and the art. And he/she pulled it off well.

It's actually kind of mind-blowing you can actually read the names of the bands playing, considering there are 44 of them on the bill, and that section of the poster takes up less than a third of the whole thing.

The construction paper look is probably our favorite aspect here, but the fact the browns all look like they're cut from cardboard certainly helps. We wish we had a better word to use than adorable, but it's just so damn fitting we can't help but say it over and over again.

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