Something Like Sound blog offers free local digital comp

A group of engineering students who are passionate about music? The mere notion seems incongruous, like, say, a group of accountants forming an art appreciation club and then getting together periodically to discuss the works of Van Gogh and Michaelangelo. Nonetheless, that's exactly the basis for Something Like Sound, a blog launched by the staff of the Colorado School of Mines newspaper, the Oredigger. Frequently updated, Something Like Sound has steadily become a trusted resource when it comes to local music. Bolstering its coverage even further, the blog has put together a local-centric music comp that will be available for download beginning tomorrow. The eleven-track collection, titled Colorado Sounds, features previously released songs from The Photo Atlas, Young Coyotes, Houses and Hello Kavita, among others. Beyond the digital comp, the blog also plans to handcraft more than 200 cassette mixtape versions of the comp. See the artwork and full track list after the jump.

Colorado Sounds

1. The Photo Atlas - Jealous Teeth
2. The Epilogues - King Arthur
3. Dualistics - Last Call
4. The Heyday - Come In Or Stay Out
5. Neighborhood Hero - Remembering
6. Young Coyotes - When I Was In The Fire
7. Houses - We're Alright
8. Hello Kavita - Sunday (It's A Chrome Tide)
9. Rob Drabkin - Sweet Things
10. Danielle Ate The Sandwich - Handsome Girl
11. Paper Bird - St. Louis

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.