SP Double drops new music with Focus

Sizzlingly hot off the presses, SP Double has dropped a brand-new set of songs with Focus, the Grammy-winning producer and Aftermath recording artist with whom he collaborated previously on the Focus on SP EP in 2009.

The joint effort will purportedly be Focus's last hip-hop album, significant in the fact that Focus has deep hip-hop roots. Besides his lengthy production resume, Focus's father, Bernard Edwards of Chic, wrote the song "Good Times" sampled in "Rapper's Delight," a bona fide hip-hop classic.

In keeping with a classic theme, SP says "Don't look for radio singles, bubblegum topics or gimmicky hip-pop. This is is straight boom-bap!" Indeed, the songs on Lethal Weapon, recorded entirely over iChat, with SP in Denver and Focus in Atlanta, maintain a golden-era feel with incisive lyrics condemning today's pop-inflected hip-hop and the politics of hip-hop. Check out the album below, with artwork by SP's son, Gabriel.

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Dave Herrera
Contact: Dave Herrera