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In contrast, Masterson says his company has made a concerted effort to create an environment with a strong female influence, hiring longtime models into production and establishing an atmosphere that's more front-office than back-alley. It's because of this, he believes, that Real Spankings has such a high return rate among models. Whereas California producers are clamoring for spankable talent, Masterson insists that every single Real Spankings model has returned for another session. "We're very clear that while it's an adult-based company, we've never treated it that way," he says. "We treat this like a normal job. You can't be late. If you don't show up, you don't have a job. We try to let them know that we're not just some casual, fly-by-night company. We take this all very seriously."

"That's all bi stuff," Kailee says, motioning to the blue Rubbermaid bin reserved for dildos and vibrators. Wearing a white T-shirt, jeans and flip-flops, she leans casually against the doorjamb between the spanking-implement storage closet and the attic bedroom where Real Spankings films many of its dorm-room scenes and an occasional girl-on-girl spanking. On the floor below are several more dorm bedrooms, as well as rooms that look like school classrooms, with desks and chalkboards. In the basement, stone walls create the perfect setting for dungeon-like, torture-style spanking scenes.

Kailee points her long eyelashes downward and reviews the tools of her trade like a carpenter at his workbench -- purple ones, clear ones, ones adorned with what look like butt-ticklers. Most of the implements in Real Spankings' immense collection are provided gratis by spanking-specific companies. She spots one apparatus that's been mistakenly placed in the straps hamper. "Oh, that's not right," she says. She leans in and retrieves the device, some sort of plastic truncheon club mounted with what looks like a vibrating doughnut. She curls her lip and drops it in the container used for lesbian spanking scenes, then closes the lid. "I'm not really into that thing," she laughs. Though she's been filmed doing some open-mouth kissing with other models, she doesn't do any below-the-belt stuff. That's one of her rules. Besides, she finds pain more exciting.

"Here's the straps," she says, picking up a foot-long, brown-leather implement with a handle, and slapping it against her palm. "They're pretty self-explanatory. You just have to follow through."

Like all of the Real Spankings models, Kailee goes by a screen name for work. She started doing scenes last August, and her bratty, rebellious online persona quickly made her one of the website's most popular models. She's since been hired as a production employee, which means she works forty hours a week and receives benefits, including a 401(k). She's also in the midst of a long training process to become a spanker. Her instructor is Lady D, a woman in her early thirties who has the full, forbidding face of a strict schoolmarm. In "People to Watch in 2003," Pierson said that Lady D "may be the best OTK [Over the Knee] spanker in the biz. Her cross-over left-handed move is already legendary. She was an essential performer in Road Trip, Teen Jennifer's Punishments, Trish's Severe Punishments, Group Punishments and Punishment Profiles. Expect Lady D to become one of the most talked-about female dominants in spanking video erotica."

Lady D started out as a receptionist/cleaning woman at the studio, then signed on for a two-year spanking apprenticeship with Ms. J. Last year she earned the "Female Spanker of the Year" title from, a porn-industry online magazine. "Lady D is just completely awe-inspiring," Kailee says. "She's just so accurate in every sequence we've ever done. She knows these implements intimately and has been spanked with just about all of them at one time or another."

So has Kailee, and she has her favorite. "I'm a cane girl," she chirps. "I love it." She opens the long container where the custom-made canes and rulers are kept. Most of the canes are thin, bamboo-like reeds filled with a plastic resin, which gives them both elasticity and strength. Kailee points out the different cane styles, like the multi-prong and the "loopy," which is hooped at the end so that it's like getting hit with two canes at once. Kailee likes the cane because the pain is much more focused. "A lot are just like a thud; it's quick. There's no after-pain at all. Whereas with that," she says, pointing to the loopy, "you get a stinging sensation."

Kailee moves on to the next bin, which is filled with two dozen paddles of various shapes and sizes. "Paddles are the ones that you have to be careful with," she says. Some of the bigger ones are engraved with words like "Principal" or "RS Institute"; a few have been signed by past models. While a leather strap is unlikely to inflict permanent damage, a paddle has the potential to crack a bone if the spanker doesn't know what he's doing. "When you bend over, your tailbone recedes upward," Kailee explains, lifting a smooth, rectangular paddle. "And that's why, with this, you're going to hit in the exact same spot in the same position."

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