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Kailee became involved with Real Spankings after spotting a classified ad in Westword asking for "attractive women 18-25yrs" to work in adult photography at $125 to $250 an hour. The ad, which has been running in the paper for several years, is how the company recruits about 98 percent of its models, Masterson says. It lists a phone number and the website

At the time, Kailee was working as an exotic dancer at a local club to pay for her first year of college. The late nights and the stripper lifestyle were wearing on her mind, as well as her relationship with her longtime boyfriend. She typed the website address into her computer; it immediately took her to "If you are looking to get into the spanking video industry or just always thought it would be fun to do a spanking video, you have come to the right place," the site announces.

With its lengthy FAQ, information about shoots and safety concerns, and straightforward model-payment index, the website may be the most candid hiring page ever created for the adult industry. The payment page explains the pricing structure that models can choose, depending on the severity of spankings they're willing to take. The entry-level photo shoots pay between $80 and $100 an hour and involve simulated spanking and require full or partial nudity. The next step up pays as much as $150 an hour and necessitates real spanking. Things go up from there, with $200 for leather implements, $500 for wooden paddles. At the highest level, Real Spankings pays as much as $1,000 for an hour's worth of severe spanking. "If you are really into spanking (or just need the money) and are willing to commit to a very real punishment spanking that would produce tears," the site reads, "we will quote you a custom price for your session."

At her first interview, Kailee was greeted by Lady D and introduced to Masterson. They were nice and eager to make her feel comfortable, she says, and the fact that she was dealing with mostly women put her at ease. After a few weeks of sessions where she was paid for light spankings, Kailee decided to step it up for more severe punishment.

In one of her early videos, Lady D plays the role of a school administrator who is punishing Kailee for breaking dress code by not wearing a bra. Kailee braces herself over a desk and Lady D stands behind her. With the paddle in her right hand and her left arm tucked behind her lower back for form, Lady D swings long and hard, connecting with Kailee's butt in stinging whomps. The younger woman cringes and yelps in pain. Then, because Kailee hasn't kept her hands on the desk properly, Lady D penalizes her by hitting her upturned palms with a leather strap.

Before coming to Real Spankings, Kailee never thought of spanking or pain as a turn-on. But now the experiences give her a strange euphoria. "I think for each person it's different," she says. "I think in my case it's more of a relief. It's kind of like someone who gets pent up with a lot of anxiety and anger and all that, they'll go running or they'll do boxing. This is my release."

For other models, the appeal of working for Real Spankings is the relationships they build up. In an interview with Pierson on, the model who plays Brandi on the Spanking Teen Brandi website says, "Lady D and Mr. M are just about the coolest people I know. Mr. M has been very generous with me and extremely supportive of my creative input." She describes Masterson as "very mild-mannered and easy to get along with and extremely intelligent. Lady D is more there for me emotionally. She knows me so well now there is nothing that I can hide from her. If I am feeling bad, having personal problems or just need to talk, she has my back. Everyone in this company is my friend and I am very grateful for that."

In another interview, Pierson asks Jessica, a model from a small town in eastern Colorado, if she likes being spanked. "Yes and no," she says, then laughs. "I really have mixed emotions on the whole subject. Growing up, I was punished frequently and severely. I did not gain any satisfaction from those punishments. But there was a heightened sexuality that resulted from them, so this left me pretty confused. Getting spanked now is a different story altogether. I have somewhat of a say in how I am spanked, and while it is hard, it is not at the intensity that I grew up with. Under these conditions, I enjoy most of the spankings I get."

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