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"A wooden paddle applied to her bottom is going to get the results we're looking for," Masterson says to the two twenty-something women sitting across from him on the other side of a large wooden desk. In the video titled "Four Girls Paddled," Masterson plays a school administrator instructing two young teachers on the proper way to discipline unruly students in their classroom. He speaks in a firm, authoritative tone, but his thin stature and weak chin would be more fitting for an easy-going grad student than a tough principal. Three paddles hang on the brick wall behind the teachers. He calls in two students and takes one of the wooden paddles from the wall.

Student Kailee is wearing a maroon midriff shirt and her signature black choker. When she bends over the desk, her forearms flat against its surface, the tops of her jeans slide down, exposing a tattoo of a Chinese symbol on her lower back. "We are looking, when we're using the paddle, to use it full force," he tells the teachers. "But because of the dangers of hitting the tailbone, we're going to keep it low. Are you ready, Kailee?"

"Yes, sir," she says.

When he swings, Masterson puts the strength of his back into it. His ponytail bobs as he makes contact with Kailee's rear. She grimaces and exhales loudly. "As you can see, those are not pitty-pat little swats," he says. "Those are swats designed to teach a lesson and get results."

When he finishes with Kailee, he moves on to the next student. And then, for good measure, the principal spanks the young teachers, too.

To give members a behind-the-scenes feel, Masterson often details shoots on his blog, describing the models and how they came to be involved with Real Spankings. He usually includes a photo of the models mid-spank or naked and smiling, holding the paddle with which they were just swatted. He acknowledges that not everything he writes on the blog represents his true feelings; because the blog also serves to guide curious spanking fetishists toward the company's websites, some of the sections play up the Mr. M character in a way that Masterson knows will appeal to his targeted audience.

But even if such memoir-like recollections are embellished or concocted outright, they still go to show how well Masterson understands the psyche of a spanko. Within a specialized fetish like spanking -- a sub-niche of the leather-play medley known as BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Submission, Sado-Masochism) -- aficionados are very picky about their particular inclination. Some people want light hand spanking, while others want it as hard as possible. Some are moved only by a very specific role-playing fantasy, like an older woman spanking a youngish girl with a wooden spoon for not doing her homework. But every scenario comes from a common theme: "the erotic exchange of power." As Masterson explains it, "Someone has done something that they've gotten in trouble for, and now they're getting spanked as a form of punishment."

Real Spankings may lead the local swat team, but others are taking a whack at bringing together area swingers. At, billed as "a beginner's guide to over the knee fun" and run by the group Colorado Spankers, there's a posting board for upcoming spanking parties and events. Many of Real Spankings' models and spankers are involved in local, private groups that get together for after-hours marathons of domination and submission.

According to Ms. Coco, a dominatrix around town for the past nine years, the spanking scene is very much intertwined with the local BDSM population, which is strong but still underground compared to those in cities like Los Angeles or New York. "In L.A., if you see someone walking down the street with their submissive on a leash, it wouldn't be so extremely out of the ordinary as a lifestyle choice," she says. "But in Denver, people really look down on it."

Much of the town's BDSM action is centered on clubs like Denver Harbour. Located in the downtown area, this private club boasts a room filled with overstuffed armchairs for socializing, a well-lit corporal punishment chamber, and a spacious dungeon area with cages, chains and racks. "People that are into spanking specifically are a lot of times involved in some vanilla relationship or work at a mainstream job at a bank," Ms. Coco says. "They have lots of power in their daily lives, but secretly want a sadistic to administer a spanking to them as a masochist." That's why they seek out people like her or Ms. J, who also does private sessions. "They still have to find someone who's willing to do it," Ms. Coco points out.

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