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Spin includes Candy Claws song as one of fifteen Songs You Must Hear Now!

What a difference a year makes -- well, give or take a few months. While it hasn't quite been a year yet, when it launched its online tour last winter, Candy Claws was still something of an unknown quantity outside of Denver and its home of Fort Collins. And now, with its new album, Hidden Lands, the band appears to be perking up lot of prominent ears across the country, including Spin's.

This past November, in lieu of touring, which wasn't a possibility at the time due to prior scholastic commitments, the outfit set up a twenty-date virtual tour on various blogs around the world in which the group filmed itself performing acoustic versions of its songs on the first half of the dates and premiered videos on the latter half.

Since then, the band has caught fire -- literally, having lost all of its gear in a car fire in the midst of a traditional tour in Pennsylvania, and figuratively, having made its way into the sight lines of various tastemakers from Gorilla vs Bear to Pitchfork.

Now, as it prepares to hit the road again, after performing at this weekend's Bohemian Nights Festival in Fort Collins, the act finds itself in the pages of Spin. In the current issue (the one with Soundgarden on the cover), Candy Claws claims the number-ten spot on the magazine's Songs You Must Hear Now! list. The piece specifically spotlights the band, with a photo and a write-up that likens the group to "the Beach Boys with an electronic music sensibility."

Oh, and BTW, because Spin is so amped about these tracks, evidently, they're offering all fifteen of them for free download. Visit the magazine's site for more details.

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