Spiv back in action with a new "monster" of a drummer taking a seat behind the kit

Look who's back among the living. No, not Elvis, silly. Good guess, though. While Chris Barber (er, Jonny Barber, sorry) has indeed been keeping the spirit of the king alive for years as the Velvet Elvis, it's Spiv, another of his popular, longtime endeavors that has been resurrected.

According to Barber, lauded timekeeper Chadzilla -- who's kept time for a number of local outfits, including Polytoxic, Double Parked and Tarantella, among others -- has joined Spiv, fresh off a stint with Slim Cessna's Auto Club.

For the time being, Barber reports, it's just the two of them. "We are waiting upon the Universe to bring the right third member with the perfect chemistry," he says. "Right now, I'm playing all the instruments and singing, and Chadzilla is drumming and singing. So, there is a help wanted sign in the Spiv storefront... 'leisurely hours...'"

The pair has wasted no time getting to business. The reinvigorated act has already recorded three songs, which Barber has blessed us with. The first two "Empathy" and "In Jail" live up to Barber's pithy observation: "Can you tell we are WAY into The Police Outlandos D'amour album?" Why, yes, we can. And you will to -- even without Barber pointing that out. Listen for yourself below.

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