Spoke In Wordz leaks more tracks from his forthcoming Power of Wordz compilation

A couple of days ago, we posted the first track from Spoke In Wordz forthcoming effort Power of Wordz and speculated that it has all the trappings to be a heater. Suspicions confirmed. We've come across three more tracks, and they're all bangers. Spoke doesn't mince words on the first one, "Personality Countless," featuring Nation and FOE, as he spits lines like, "I'm held down 'cause these record labels ain't feeling me/Fuck them, let 'em run this game to ground/I could give a fuck about five mikes and who's holding the crown/It's a warzone and nobody's fighting the cause/Knew something was wrong when they picked Lil Wayne over Nas." Click through to listen to more.

"Code of Conduct" - Spoke In Wordz with Sonny Nuke & A.V.I.U.S.

"Venomous Colorado Finest" - Spoke In Wordz with Fresh Breath Committee. SP Double, Procyse, 20:12, Tre, Kurse One, Bravo One and Sonny Nuke

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