Spoke In Wordz pushes the "Threshold" on a new track by Punchline and Fokis

Earlier this morning, we were blessed with a brand-new cut from




that features none other than the Mile High City's own

Spoke In Wordz


Spoke handles the third verse on "Threshold," as the track is titled, and more than holds his own with his New York counterparts. Although he offers up a few choice turns of phrase with a gruff, confident cadence, this couplet in particular stood out to us: "In my culture, this is where you grab your rosary/And since I'm brown, that's more of a reason to watch me closely."

Produced by UK producer Pete Cannon, "Threshold" also showcases the turntable handiwork of Spoke's Radio Bums cohort DJ Chonz. Check it out after the jump.

<a href="http://fokis.bandcamp.com/track/threshold-ft-spoke-in-wordz">Threshold Ft. Spoke In Wordz by Fokis</a>

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