Strange Condition lands development deal

Looks like Strange Condition is cashing in on its sweat equity. The outfit, which has endured numerous line-up changes since forming, has worked tirelessly over the years amassing a loyal and ravenous fan base (the act has consistently packed Herman's for years and has little difficulty these days filling the Gothic). And from the sounds of the new material, the group has invested as much time into its songwriting as it has in evangelism. Needless to say, the focus and effort is beginning to pay off. Right now the act, which is currently working with Interscope co-founder and longtime Firm executive Michael Papale and lauded producer Mike Plotnikoff (Daughtry, Hoobastank, Three Days Grace), is finalizing the details of a development deal with a major label. Which one? Well, we'll wait until things are firmed up before we reveal that, but let's just say for now that the imprint already has strong Denver ties. The outfit will be heading to L.A. shortly to finish up the first five songs for an upcoming EP with a full-length tentatively slated to follow sometime next year. Listen to "Never Fade," Strange Condition's first single, recorded at the Blasting Room by Lee Miles (Tickle Me Pink, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus), after the jump.

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