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Suburban Home announces limited pressing of Drag the River anthology

Drag the River has always been about giving fans the biggest bang for their hard-earned buck. If you ever stumbled into a bar that has a Drag record in the jukebox, for instance, you've probably noticed that if you select the last track on the album, you're treated to the entire album. Genius, right? So it's not hard to believe Suburban Home Records honcho Virgil Dickerson when he says that Jon Snodgrass probably isn't going to be too stoked about Primer, a new limited edition Drag the River anthology, being considered as a "Best Of" collection. Snodgrass and company, says Dickerson, have always made it a point to avoid having fans buy the same record again. Nonetheless, in advance of an upcoming European tour, the label has partnered with Viva Hate Records to release Primer, which is essentially a compilation of the outfit's best songs, handpicked by Snodgrass and Chad Price. Sounds like a greatest hits record to us, and we're cool with that. To prevent an inevitable import markup, Suburban Home is pressing and making available a 1,000 copies of the disc for folks on this side of the pond, with the caveat that once those discs are sold, they will not be repressed. See the full track list after the jump and then feel free to pre-order a copy of your own.


01. Brookfield
02. Rangement
03. Beautiful & Damned
04. Me & Joe Drove Out To California
05. Waylon
06. Strange
07. She Used To Smile
08. Hang-Dog
09. Sterilize
10. Crocodile Wings
11. Modern Drunkard
12. Having A Party (Sam Cooke)
13. Medicine
14. Calloused Heart #2
15. Get Drunk
16. Br00tal
17. Oxes & Horses
18. Bug Country
19. Hybrid Moments (The Misfits)
20. Dancin' In The Moonlight (Thin Lizzy) - live at Brian and Liv's Wedding

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