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Swayback checks in from the studio in Los Angeles

If you've been to Rockbar the past few Wednesdays, you might've noticed something missing, namely the affable hosts of Jinxed! There's a good reason for that. Your hosts, Eric Halborg and William Murphy from the Swayback, have been holed up in L.A. for the past week recording with legendary knob twidler Andy Johns, who, as you're probably aware, is the guy who manned the boards for classic albums by Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones and produced Television's Marquee Moon. Our boy Halborg just sent over a few words about the session and some pics, both of which we've posted after the jump.

Dr Dave -

I attached some pictures from today's recording session with Andy Johns.. We are recording at Serenity Sound Studio on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angles. In the last two days we have recorded the basics for two new songs "Keep It Hive" and "Steam Rolling"

Turns out Swayback and Andy Johns are on the same frequency.

It's not surprising; the records he's made have been in our heads constantly since we could push the power button on a stereo.

Andy even took one of the pictures of us playing in the studio.

-- Eric

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