SXSW: Bocumast Records Day Party takes over Union Park

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Married In Berdichev • Hunter Dragon • Tim Pourbaix
Bocumast Records Day Party | Union Park

"I can drink all day here, and it's socially acceptable," utters Tim Pourbaix, as he takes a sip of his brew in between songs during his brief set at the Bocumast Records day party.

Indeed, Timmy boy. Just the same, it's certainly not advisable in this Austin heat. That's how dudes get dehydrated and what have you. Not to mention, keep in mind that it's only midday on Thursday. Grizzled South By vets know it's all about pacing.

Enticed by the promise of good music and free Lonestar, however, the two dozen or so people gathered on this most glorious rooftop patio are blissfully unaware of such a ridiculous notion. The booze is flowing and some of Denver's most adventurous and artfully damaged musicians are showcasing their wares.

Married In Berdichev's Brittany Gould is on stage now twiddling knobs on various looping pedals and samplers, generating tendril soundscapes upon which her wraithlike vocals gracefully ascend, filling up the courtyard and cascading off the rooftop into oncoming traffic, as she sings about clouds being behind her. Irony alert: As it turns out, the weather's picture perfect in Austin today. Not a cloud in the sky.

Hunter Dragon follows with a set of art damaged pop songs over an barrage of excessively over driven chords (do not adjust your speakers; that's exactly how it's meant to sound in the above clip), on a barely in tune guitar with vocals to match. "I'm Lil Wayne," he announces at the end of his set. "Tim 'Weird Last Name' is up next."

Sure enough, Weird Last Name ambles up to the mike and lets loose with tender, breathy vocals over earnest, heart-on-sleeve songs. Pourbaix specializes in the kind of tunes meant for dreary days reflecting on the one that got away with a drink in your hand, considering how all too often life gets in the way. Ends up being the most pleasing (albeit most conventional) set of the afternoon, but not exactly a party starter.

Overall: A quaint sampling from one of Denver's more interesting labels. The folks who took the time to seek the party out -- Union Park, next to MoMos is on 6th Street, but it's about eight or more blocks from where the bulk of the action is this week -- surely walked away with a decent impression.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.