Talking during shows: the musicians' perspective - John Common

This week's Beatdown deals with the whole idea of talking during shows, as it seems like a fairly frequent occurrence regardless of who's performing. I offered up a few viable theories as to why it happens and asserted that, for the most part, I sincerely don't believe that anyone truly intends to be disruptive or disrespectful by carrying on conversations while the players are playing. Naturally, as I pondered things from the fans' perspective, I wondered how the chatter affects the performers, if they're bothered by it or if they even notice at all. So in due dilligence, I asked a few musicians for their take, and I'll be posting their thoughts on the blog throughout the week. Occasional Backbeat contributor John Common, a well-regarded singer-songwriter who's earned accolades both as a solo performer and as the frontman for Rainville and his current outfit, Blinding Flashes of Light, weighs in with his thoughts after the jump.

"i learned A LONG TIME AGO not to be hurt by a room that is 60% ignoring you / talking / partying. i realize that this thing that i'm lucky enough to be doing (writing,recording,playing) takes place in the public square, so to speak. you learn not to take everything so personally. instead, i play to the ones who are listening and realize that frequently, i'm the dude in the back who's talking -- judge not lest ye be judged and all that. also, i've learned that "listening" takes a lot of forms. folks who i didn't think were listening have come to me after shows -- very often -- and been really moved... said nice things that made me realize, "holy shit, they were listening... really listening." -- John Common

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