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Reader: Why Is Tame Impala Playing the Pepsi Center?

Tame Impala at the Mission Ballroom.
Tame Impala at the Mission Ballroom. Kenzie Bruce
Tickets for Tame Impala's October show at the Mission Ballroom sold lightning fast, forcing promoter AEG to cancel orders that looked like they were from scalper bots. While seeing the sold-out performance at the Mission was a pleasure (read Chris Walker's review here), it was clear that Tame Impala needed a bigger venue.

And a bigger venue the band got: This week it was announced that Tame Impala will play the Pepsi Center on July 30, 2020, along with opener Perfume Genius.

Readers have been quick to respond. Says Gabe: 
It should be Red Rocks!
Adds Chuck: 
Pepsi Center is the worst place to see a show.
Asks Joey:
 Why tf would they choose Pepsi Center over Red Rocks? Disappointing.
Responds Matt: 
Because it holds more than double the amount of people as Red Rocks. I’m not saying it’s good, just saying that’s why.
Replies Emily:
 It was SUCH A GOOD SHOW at Mission. I feel like the vibe would be lost at Pepsi.
Concludes Joe:
 First two albums were great, classic psychedelic rock with a few modern twists. Then he started putting out pop disco garbage. But hey, look, now he's playing the Pepsi Can! Selling out does have it's advantages, I suppose.
The show is part of a North American tour in support of Tame Impala's fourth album, The Slow Rush, slated to drop on February 14. Tickets are now on sale on the Pepsi Center website.

What do you think of Tame Impala? The Pepsi Center as a venue? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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