Ten acts that clearly worship the Smiths

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4. Radiohead Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien has been very public about his admiration for the Smiths, saying in interviews that he listened exclusively to their records for a period of time in his younger days. In recent shows, he's been playing the Fender Jaguar given to him personally by Johnny Marr. The song "Knives Out" from Amnesiac is said to be a tribute to Marr's guitar style, and the band played a cover of "The Headmaster Ritual" in a 2007 webcast that featured a frighteningly accurate Morrissey impression by one Mr. Thom Yorke. The following formula could be put forth without too much opposition: The Smiths minus sense of humor equals Radiohead.

3. The Killers Brandon Flowers of the Killers may have named his band after a fictional band in a New Order video, but it's crystal clear which '80s pop-star he really wants to be. Lines like "You know, you know/No, you don't, you don't!" capture Morrissey's petulant, self-effacing wit almost perfectly. Others such as "Boy, one day you'll be a man/Girl, he'll help you understand" echo the third-person narrative of songs like "Girl Afraid" and "The Boy with the Thorn in His Side." The flowers in Brandon's name might as well be sticking out of Moz' back pocket.

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