Ten best concerts to see in Denver this weekend

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THREE LOCO @ CERVANTES' | FRI, 5/17/13 If you take your rap seriously, don't go to this show. Nothing about this group, which is made up of Internet phenomenon RiFF RaFF, ex-porn star Dirt Nasty and manchild Andy Milonakis, resembles the pure art of emceeing developed in New York in the late '70s. That's not to say that the group isn't talented, and certainly not to say that the show won't be entertaining. It will -- as long as you appreciate sophomoric humor, dick jokes, non sequiturs and absurdity.

BLACK MOTH SUPER RAINBOW @ BLUEBIRD THEATER | FRI, 5/17/13 The music of Black Moth Super Rainbow seems custom-fitted for a Sofia Coppola film. It has that daydreamy, otherworldly sound favored by acts like Air and Broadcast, with low-end buoyancy propelling sparkly, soaring waves of sound -- sort of like Stereolab without the political agenda and driving, droney guitars. And live, the act employs whimsical video projections to augment its consciousness-bending music. If the Residents' evocation of Theater of the Obscure was mated with an electric Kool-Aid dance party, it might look a lot like this.

MIRANDA LAMBERT @ FIDDLER'S GREEN | SAT, 5/18/13 Miranda Lambert has struck a delicate balance: Together with kindred artists like Jamey Johnson, she's made country music palatable once again to the sanctimonious scads of big-city, Tea Party-loathing dissenters, infusing the genre with a newfound sense of authenticity missing since the days of her legendary outlaw forefathers. At the same time, she's managed to sing earnest, heartfelt, everyman ballads like "The House That Built Me," as well as gritty, angst-filled anthems of empowerment like "Gunpowder and Lead" and "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" that resonate with rank-and-file fans of modern country, affording her truckloads of crossover appeal and street cred -- not to mention a serious leg up on her contemporaries.

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