Ten metal bands to watch in 2014

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6. Power Trip Power Trip's Manifest Decimation was arguably one of the best thrash metal albums of 2013, melding together old school thrash metal with hardcore punk and a lo-fi recording, sounding like a long lost thrash album from the early '80s. As metal continues to change and evolve, this Dallas, Texas, band plays fast and hard with riffs that will make you want to rip off your ears and glue them to your speakers.

5. Code Orange Kids The Code Orange Kids have played shows with bands such as Anti-Flag and Every Time I Die and plan to start recording their sophomore album soon for release later this year. This follow-up album to the act's attention grabbing debut, Love is Love/Return to Dust, is said by the band to be heavier, weirder, and have a much more blended sound. With a solid album, the Code Orange Kids could take its first deep breath above the new pollution.

4. Islander Islander has toured with some easily recognizable bands like As I Lay Dying and Flyleaf, and is heading towards the mainland brimming with creativity and traits similar to Rage Against the Machine and Deftones. Newly signed to Victory Records, the South Carolina band plans on releasing a full-length follow-up to last years EP, Pains, this spring. Truly spreading their wings in the recording studio with this album could have the band soaring to greater heights.

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Adam Steininger