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Ten of the Best Colorado Music Videos of 2014

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Alphabets -- "Raptor Jazz" Fireworks, ski masks and jugs of Carlo Rossi all make cameos in Colin Ward's (a.k.a. Alphabets) video for "Raptor Jazz." Another exceptional look inside Denver's DIY warehouse world, Alphabets creates a party on-screen that perfectly matches the music he makes -- inviting but still strange enough to keep viewers/listeners curious as to what is really going on in his mind/art. The clip was filmed by Jeromie Dorrance and Pete Bell and directed and edited by Colin Ward. --Bree Davies

Cop Circles -- "Cowtowwn" The video for "Cowtowwn" encapsulates what is so great about Luke Leavitt's project, Cop Circles: his devotion to total weirdness. Set in the more industrial underside of a city gentrifying at the speed of light, "Cowtowwn" features Leavitt partying with other local musicians and artists in fields, parking lots, warehouses and living rooms. It was directed by Trevor Jahner and Anna Winter. --BD

Gregory Alan Isakov -- "Amsterdam" The visual accompaniment to Gregory Alan Isakov's "Amsterdam" is a wonder. The stop motion animation, created by Laura Goldhamer, creates a detailed world, where our tiny hero paddles and walks and flies through an elaborate world of paper flowers and cotton-ball clouds. The video demonstrates the creativity and patience Goldhamer has been bringing to her work for years. -- Kiernan Maletsky

Lily Fangz -- "Preservation" In typical Lily Fangz fashion, the video for "Preservation" is laid-back and includes plenty of free-styling. She adds her own flair to the Jamaican backdrop and hypnotizes the viewer with her larger-than-life personality. -- Mary Willson

Michal Menert -- "Your Ghost" Michael Menert does not hold anything back in the emotionally charged, black-and-white video for "Your Ghost." He explores concepts of substance abuse, his fathers death and his personal journey as a musician in the deepest endeavor we've seen from him. --MW

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