Ten Ways Decadence NYE Is Like a Carnival

Decadence, a two night electronic music festival at the Colorado Convention Center, has grown into a New Year's Eve tradition in Denver in recent years. About fifty DJs take one of four stages over the two nights, but the music is only part of the "Decadence experience." With dancers on stilts, flashy LED designs, a carousel and an entire vendors marketplace, Decadence is an over-the-top journey.

At the show last night, headlined by Bassnectar, the atmosphere was just as magical as the music. Here are ten observations from an outrageous first night.

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10. The Denver Convention Center is the size of a small city.

9. Multiple stages help give Decadence the feel of a festival instead of a show.

8. The performers are more than the artists. Decadence hired stilted dancers, decked out in Christmas lights and face-paint to roam throughout the crowds for entertainment. 7. The decorations in-between the stages resemble Candy Land figurines. Lit up glittering tree forests, curving glowing sky-beams and cityscapes mapped together through LED boxes were some decorations filling up the Colorado Convention Center. 6. There is a carousel. Yes, like with plastic horses that ride in a circle. Concert-goers can wait in line and take a ride for free, just like at the county fair. 5. Entire rooms are lined with merchants selling festival goods like kaleidoscope glasses, band memorabilia, healing crystals, and rave kandi.

4. The fans' outfits resemble costumes from a Dr. Suess book. With glitter, feathers, bright colors, and abstract shapes, the variety of attire of the night was like an art instillation itself.

3. The lasers from the light shows create beams of color throughout the arena. Electronic music is decorated with intricate laser performances, which bring a magical atmosphere as the entire arena is filled with altering red, blue and green light shapes.

2. The crowds are massive. At the end of the night, the coat check crowd was thousands of people deep, and took hours.

1. Last night was only the first night. Those who were mesmerized by the world of Decadence last night, can get another taste tonight.

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