TGIF! Behold and marvel at the Dark Side of Oz

Okay, you've always heard that it could be done, and the Flaming Lips even went to the trouble of connecting the dots a few weeks ago at Red Rocks. But just in case you were too lazy or too stoned to try it at home yourself at some point, Bryan Pugh, a Brooklyn-based audio engineer has gone to the painstaking effort of synching Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon with the Wizard of Oz, in its entirety. As if you ever need a reason to knock off early on a Friday, here's a compelling one as any. So spark up, sparky, send the phone to voicemail and explore the Dark Side of Oz with us. [daily swarm]

Via Pugh's vimeo page: "I'm an audio engineer in Brooklyn who geeks out about all things music/audio. I remember trying to sync these up years ago, but rarely succeeded and would always argue on which lion roar to start the album on..."wait, do you start when you drop the needle on the record or when you hit play on the cd player, shit?!" I still recommend people to try this at home with their VCRs and their turntables, but for the rest of you who are tired of trying to get it to work just right, here it is in VIMEO form!"

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