Thank God It's Friday!

Punk not your thing? A little too loud for you, you say? No worries. There's tons of other great music for you to catch tonight. Across from 3 Kings, over at the hi-dive, Curious Yellow makes its valiant return to the scene after a four- year hiatus, with the Still City (members of which are moonlighting in Curious Yellow) and the Rouge. At the Meadowlark, it's gonna be a solo set extravaganza, as five well-known area frontmen -- Ted Thacker (Baldo Rex), Jason Cain (Astrophagus), Jim McTurnan (Cat-A-Tac), Ben Bergstrand (Cowboy Curse) and Andy Falconetti (Breezy Porticos and Libarry) -- go it alone together on one bill. At Bender's Tavern, meanwhile, there's a stellar hip-hop bill featuring ManeLine with 3 the Hardway and Dopesex. Finally, if you happen to be in the People's Republic in the vicinity of the Boulder Theater, you might want to pop in and catch Paper Bird with Elephant Revival and Radical Knitting Circle. In a reminder that one of the Bird lasses sent out, she made sure to note that today is Bob Marley's birthday, and as such promised there will be some treats in store. Could this be love?

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