The 25 creepiest metal album covers

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Abigail 2.jpg
20. King Diamond Abigail II: The Revenge (2002) Every good horror movie gets a sequel, so naturally the classic 1987 concept album exploring timeless macabre themes has one too. The woman standing at the gates of the haunted house here is Abigail, grown-up now, but a mere child when she survived the horrors of the first album's story.

19. Iron Maiden Killers (1981) Iron Maiden's famous mascot Eddie has been terrorizing the band's album covers and live shows for over thirty years. He has been to outer space, Egypt, hell, and the future. He has never been more menacing than here, ready to kill anyone who walks down the wrong alley.

18. Bruce Dickinson Accident of Birth (1997) For most of his solo career, Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson didn't attempt to top Eddie with his album covers. But this jester puppet -- nicknamed "Edison" -- is fucking creepy. Depicting Edison popping out of a man's stomach wielding a spiked-nail club, this album cover, belonging to the U.K. release, was deemed too graphic for U.S. consumption.

Acid Bath When The Kite String Pops.jpg
17. Acid Bath When The Kite String Pops (1996) We know that Freddy Krueger is not going to invade our dreams and kill us in our sleep. So real-life horror can be even more terrifying. The cover for this mid-'90s sludge-metal release consists of a painting of serial killer John Wayne Gacy's alter-ego Pogo The Clown, painted by Gacy himself.

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