The 50 worst rap lyrics of all time: 30-21

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24. Young Jeezy - "Trap or Die"

"Got diarrhea flow, now I shit on niggas/Even when I'm constipated I still shit on niggas."

Apparently Jeezy has problems controlling his bowels. At times, his ailment gets so bad, he has diarrhea and constipation at the same time. Poor guy. Maybe try taking an Imodium A-D and an Ex-lax, and see what happens. Should be interesting.

23. Redman - "5 Boroughs"

"My paragraph alone is worth five mics/A twelve-song LP, that's 36 mics."

This line doesn't make any sense any way you slice it. The math doesn't come close to working; 36 isn't even divisible by 5. Redman wasn't on 36 Chambers, which had more than twelve songs anyway. He didn't even have a twelve-song LP. Possibly he was referring to the KRS-1 album that "5 Boroughs" was supposed to be released on, but the album never dropped, so I guess we'll never know.

22. Childish Gambino - "Who Datt Pt. 2"

"I shit green like vegetarian assholes"

Not only has this sentiment (though it seems a stretch to even call it that) been conveyed a million billion times by every rapper and their mother, it seems like rappers are just getting lazier and lazier. This is a picture I could do without ever seeing. And vegetarians, if this happens to you, you're doing it wrong.

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