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Meanwhile, Bill Houston and company -- perhaps better known to the old-school contingent as Babihed -- have announced that the band will reunite for a one-off show, billed as the "Maximum Retox Tour," at Cricket on the Hill on Friday, October 10. In another memory-go-round, a reunion for Bangles -- the Glendale bar, not the band -- is being planned for Saturday, November 1, also at the Cricket. Don't miss this chance to re-create the drunken debauchery of days gone by.

For those more interested in moving forward, on Saturday, September 27, Etherglow will illuminate the Library Pub in Boulder, while Buckner Funken Jazz, Backbone Velvet and One Bare Foot get all horny at Herman's Hideaway. Then on Sunday, Elctrikchair will ride the lightning with Thron and Canterbury Lane at the Iliff Park Saloon. And finally, on Tuesday, September 30, the Climax Lounge will host a free show featuring the Boss Martians, Pearlene and Reverend Deadeye.

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