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But what about broadcasting a personal phone number over the air?

"Listen, I've been doing my show for thirty years, and I don't have to answer you about what I think is appropriate, all right?" Martino fires back. "He said, 'I want negative publicity.' Excuse me, but the last time I checked, I have a show, and if he doesn't think that I did right, tell him to sue me. I'm telling you that I know what I'm doing. I've been doing it for long enough, and I don't have to answer to you, and I don't have to answer to him. I don't have to sit here and debate it with you. You're asking me, is it appropriate to give out his number? At times, it's very appropriate to give out phone numbers, yes it is."

Fair enough. But his home phone number?

"It was the number that he gave us," Martino replies.

Hey, I'm just trying to uncover the truth and champion the underdog. Surely he can appreciate that.

"I don't have anything against what you're trying to do," says Martino. "But I don't have to answer to you about the practices of my show. If you're asking me if it's appropriate, let my listeners decide if it's appropriate. Let the people I've recovered millions of dollars for answer if it's appropriate."

I'll pass, thanks. And for his own part, Quote admits that he could have dealt with things better, but he insists he's no crook.

"I do agree that I could have handled this in a different way and given their money back faster," he says. "But I still believe in my heart that they still would have done the same actions to try and destroy me. So the only people I'm sorry about are people who truly know me well and all the venues that I work at now."

Quote says he FedEx'd the deposit back to the couple on their wedding day, which should put the matter to rest. "If we get $350, the matter is dropped," Baracker agrees. And at the end of our conversation, Martino professes that he's willing to hear Quote's side of the story -- assuming he can tell it without F-bombs. But he prefers that I not give Quote his direct line.

And "don't ever give him my cell phone," says the Troubleshooter.

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