The best concerts in Denver this week

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TUES | BADKLAAT at CERVANTES' MASTERPIECE BALLROOM | 1/7/14 Sub.Mission is celebrating seven years of bringing dubstep to Denver, and Badklaat proves that the crew still means business. Badklaat offers a taste of what real dubstep is with some dark, grimy and all-around gut-wrenching bass music. Look no further if you want to see where true dubstep came from and where it's going.

FRI | FINAL BLOW at THE MARQUIS | 1/10/14 Founded in 2008 by vocalist Vino, Final Blow has experienced some line-up changes over the last few years, but the one thing that hasn't changes is its love for late-'80s New York hardcore. The aggression and menace of bands like Sick Of It All, Madball and Agnostic Front can be heard in the underlying spirit of Final Blow's music. And it's not just a defiant and macho persona -- after all, Cassie Begay formerly of Throat Culture once played in this group -- Final Blow's ethos is one of brotherhood and a disdain for the bastards that grind everyone down. For this show, Final Blow is releasing its latest album.

FRI | ZILLA at CERVANTES MASTERPIECE BALLROOM | 1/10/14 With String Cheese Incident's Michael Travis on percussion, Aaron Holstein on the decks, and Jamie Janover on a handful of instruments, the sounds Zilla creates are perhaps some of the most original you'll ever hear. Holstein, known in dance circles as VibeSquad, lays an audio foundation by working the guitar and bass, in addition to keeping the pace on his digital controls, while Janover holds down the samples and delivers otherworldly sounds with sitar, hammered dulcimer, and whatever other primal instrument he has recently mastered. Travis then sets the pace on drums with a pulse that can go from adrenaline-fueled dance floor mayhem to melodic grooves that entrances the listener. As Zilla sets are few and far between, this is certainly something you'll want to experience.

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