The best concerts in Denver this weekend

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FRI | REGGIE & THE FULL EFFECT at MARQUIS THEATER | 2/7/14 James Dewees is one of the weirder inhabitants of the mid-2000s emo/pop-punk bubble. Around the late 1990s, he was playing keyboards for The Get Up Kids when he decided to record a few solo tracks on a whim. They were louder, campier and synthier than what the band was doing, so Dewees gave the EP away on cassettes at shows as a goof. The project evolved into Reggie and the Full Effect, and the oddball shenanigans continued. Other Dewees alter egos began to pop up on Reggie and The Full Effect albums, like the German doom metal band Common Denominator and British electropop lethario Fluxuation. Under The Tray, Reggie and the Full Effect's third album on Vagrant Records, perplexed fans when they opened the CD packaging to find no disc on the spool -- it was literally under the tray. After a long-shelved fifth album and a 2008 farewell tour, the outfit took a long hiatus while Dewees focused on addiction recovery. Last year, a sudden resurgence and subsequent Kickstarter campaign led to studio album number six, No Country For Old Musicians.

SAT | KINETIX (CD RELEASE) at 1UP COLFAX | 2/8/14 Kinetix, a high energy, local party band, is celebrating the release of One Life, its latest disc, with a show at 1 UP Colfax. Blending a variety of genres like rock, pop and electronic together, Kinetix is a stand out act in the scene that has spent a fair amount of time touring around the country.

SAT | COLD RIVER CITY at CERVANTES' OTHER SIDE | 2/8/14 With a brand new album that drops this week, Cold River City will have an exciting night showing off material from the new record, Let Me Shine. The seductive vocals of Emma Fields give an extra oomph to this spirited funk rock band's sound, bringing a smoothness that works well with the dirty funk. West Water Outlaws and James and the Devil are slated to share this terrific triple-bill.

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